Renowned composer beautifies painting of Hanoi with music

Song-writer Nguyen Phu Quang, who was famous for songs about Hanoi, passed away on December 8 at the age of 72 after undergoing two years of treatment for diabetes.

Phu Quang was born in the northern province of Phu Tho in 1949 as his family was evacuated during the First Indochina War and returned to Hanoi in 1954.

Most of his 600 songs were about the capital city. He also set music for many poems which then became famous songs.

He also wrote symphonies, concertos, as well as film scores, soundtracks and background music for cai luong (or reformed opera).

The song-writer has published two collections of songs entitled Dau Phai Boi Vi Mua Thi(Not Because of Autumn) in 1990 and Nhug Tinh Khuc Phu Quang Chon Loc (Selected Phu Quang Love Songs) in 1995. 

He was honoured with the Excellent Citizen of the Capital 2014 title on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Hanoi’s Liberation Day.

In 2020, Quang was granted the Grand Prize - For the love of Hanoi, the most important award at the Bui Xuan Phai - For the Love of Hanoi for his lifelong love of the capital city.  

A dossier for granting Quang the 2021 State Prize in Literature and Art was prepared by Quang’s wife, Trinh Anh Thu, while he was hospitalised.

According to the list announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the musician is one of 37 authors approved by the State-level specialised council.

His five songs are proposed to be honoured, including:  Dieu Gian Di (Simple things), Hanoi Ngay Tro Ve (Hanoi Returning Day), Chieu Phu Tay Ho (Afternoon at Tay Ho Temple) and instrumental solo Love of the Sea./.