The National Institute of Traditional Art Performance of the Republic of Korea (RoK) on Dec. 29 handed over a set of Bien Chung (brass bells) and Bien Khanh (stone gongs) to the Hue Imperial Relics Preservation Centre (HIRPC).

This is the result of the cooperation between HIRPC and the RoK, under which the RoK institute helps to restore Bien Chung and Bien Khanh, percussion instruments of Nha Nhac (Royal Court Music), as the techniques for making them have been lost in Vietnam since early the 20th century. However, the instruments are sill preserved in the RoK.

According to HIRPC Director Phung Phu, Bien Chung and Bien Khanh percussion instruments were used in Hue royal orchestra under the Le dynasty (1427-1788) and Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945).

The instruments will be given to the Hue Royal Traditional Arts Theatre to be used on the occasions of traditional rituals during Hue festivals.

Park il Hun, Director of the RoK institute, expressed his hope that through the cooperation the world will know more about the two countries’ traditional music./.