A seminar on computer incident emergency response held in Hanoi on October 30 drew the participation of many domestic and foreign experts.

The event, organised by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in conjunction with the World Bank, aimed to build a mechanism for coordinating domestic and international response in this field.

Addressing the seminar, MIC Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong said information security has become a hot topic in recent years following a range of serious incidents such as the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack targeting several major websites in Vietnam last July.

The incident has raised the alarm over the existence of a network of affected computers which were used for bad purposes in Vietnam, the Deputy Minister said.

Given the situation, the ministry is accelerating the building of a legal framework with priority given to drafting a Law on Information Security which is scheduled to be submitted to the Government early next year, he noted.

The deputy minister also revealed that an Information Security Department will be established soon.

In addition, the ministry has partnered with relevant agencies and organisations to conduct several plans on inspecting and removing harmful software in domestic computer networks.

An array of programmes, seminars and exercises have also been conducted in order to raise public awareness about the problem and enhance response capacity of cyber security workers, he said.

At the seminar, experts proposed basic and effective measures to counter information security threats as well as to response when such attacks occur.-VNA