Shareholders in big companies make large profits this year hinh anh 1Investors follow stock fluctuations in HCM City (Photo: VNA)

Several large companies on the HCM Stock Exchange have spent hundreds to several billions of Vietnamese dong to pay dividends since the beginning of this year.

The major shareholders are upbeat about what they have gained from their positive investments here.

The southern exchange said August 13 would be the deadline for shareholders of confectionery firm Kinh Do Corp (KDC) to register for the company's special dividend payment of 200 percent in cash by the end of this month.

This "exceptional" dividend rate will be paid after Kinh Do completes the capital transfer of an 80 percent stake in Kinh Do Binh Duong Corp, its snack business, to the United States-based confectionery giant Mondelez International Corp.

This deal has brought Kinh Do a profit of almost 6.6 trillion VND (302.8 million USD) in the first half of this year. This will help the company to surpass the annual profit target by one percent.

Kinh Do will spend 4.7 trillion VND (215.6 million USD) for this payout, at a rate of 200 percent. Kinh Do Investment Co, its largest shareholder with an 8.37 percent stake, will collect 430 billion VND (19.7 million USD). MTV PPL Co Ltd, with an 8.19 percent stake, will receive 418 billion VND (19.2 million USD).

Its chairman Tran Kim Thanh, owning just 276,000 KDC shares, will get a little more than 5.5 billion VND (253,200 USD), while his brother Tran Le Nguyen, who is vice-chairman, will collect nearly 340 billion VND (15.6 million USD) for his 7.19 percent stake.

Real estate giant VinGroup (VIC) also paid a dividend for its 2014 business, and made an advance for the dividend this year in the form of shares at a combined rate of 25.8 percent.

VinGroup Chairman Pham Nhat Vuong, the company's largest shareholder who holds more than 423.2 million shares, was given 109.2 million shares, thus raising his stake here to 28.9 percent by July 22. His wife, Pham Thu Huong, also received an additional 18.8 million shares.

With a current price of about 43,000 VND (1.97 USD) per share, the total value of their dividends was more than 5.5 trillion VND (252.3 million USD).

Dairy producer Vinamilk's (VNM) shareholders were also happy with a dividend payout of 20 percent in cash by the end of June. This was the second tranche of a total 40 percent dividend paid for 2014's business. The company will also make the first payment for 2015's dividend this month at a rate of 40 percent, also in cash, and pay the bonus shares at a rate of 20 percent from the increase in equity capital.

State Capital Investment Corp (SCIC), its largest shareholder with more than 450 million shares, will get about 1.8 trillion VND (82.6 million USD) and more than 90 million bonus shares.

Its former chairwoman Mai Kieu Lien, now CEO and holding more than 2.7 million shares, will receive nearly 11 billion VND (505,000 USD) and 540,000 bonus shares.

This payout, expected to be in early September, will cost Vinamilk about 4 trillion VND (183.5 million USD).

Noi Bai Cargo Terminal Service (NCT) will also pay a 50 percent cash dividend this month, half of its total 100 percent for the whole year. Its largest stakeholder, Vietnam Airlines, will receive 72 billion VND (3.3 million USD) from the coming payout.

Meanwhile, PetroVietnam Drilling and Wells Service Corp (PVD) last month paid more than 450 billion VND (20.6 million USD) as dividend payout, 15 percent in cash and 15 percent in form of shares. PetroVietnam collected nearly 220 billion VND (10.1 million USD) and 22 million shares. With a current price of about 44,000 VND each, the share dividend is valued at 1 trillion VND (45.9 million USD).-VNA