Museums feature rich educational values. However, museums in Hanoi are often deserted despite their convenient locations and abundant collections.

With a history dating back half a century, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum ironically welcomes very few people a day, with 85% of visitors foreigners.

Even artists only come when exhibitions are organised.

While only a street away, the Temple of Literature, on the contrary, welcomes thousands of visitors a day.

Artist Luong Xuan Doan, Vice Chairman, Vietnam Fine Arts Association: “The exhibits may be too academic for common visitors as it portrays a long history from time to time without any attractions for those without background knowledge of fine art.”

Nguyen Duc Thang, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum: “We even place our sign posts at the Temple of Literature but they are not effective.”

Despite numerous national treasures, not many people come here to visit.

Truong Quoc Binh, National Council for Heritages: “Vietnamese museums are not attractive enough in terms of the way they exhibit items and use sound and lighting systems.”

Museums in Hanoi have few links with any tourism agencies. The lack of information from museums pushes tourist agents away from these destinations.

Phi Thi Thu Khuyen, Head of Communication Division, Vietrantour: “To lure more visitors, museums should be more active in building relations with foreign tourist agents so that they can conduct promotional activities to lure visitors.”

While most museums are deserted, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a highlight as it welcomes a large number of visitors daily.

The effective cooperation between the museum and schools and tourist agents within Hanoi has made it one of the most interesting destination in the capital city.-VNA