Sowing the seeds of hope for children with disabilities

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, join us to visit a special rehabilitation centre in Hanoi where children with disabilities are taken care of and given a shot at a better future.

Classes have no blackboard or chalk but are imbued with love and patience …

Having been in this job for nearly 15 years, Nguyen Huu Tuan said every lesson he gives to severely autistic children was once a concern for him. It takes a lot of work for teachers to understand each child’s character and progress. Time is not counted in days or months but in years.

Having worked in the rehabilitation field for more than 10 years, teacher Nguyen Thi Hang has only one dream - seeing her students walking, running, and jumping like regular kids. Children with disabilities also need love and care, she said, and every family with kids in need must do whatever they can to provide the most suitable learning environment.

At this special school, the teachers are always concerned with what the children can do to earn a living after they leave. It has worked with a company providing tissues for weddings, thus passing on skills and providing careers.

For these special kids, being able to integrate into the community is no longer a dream and has become reality. With skills and the care and attention of teachers, they have more opportunities to live by themselves and be part of the community./.