Special plays mark the 65th anniversary of VN theatre hinh anh 1The Vietnam National Drama Theatre performed the masterpiece Romeo & Juliet in October this year. (Source: chinhphu.vn)
Hanoi (VNA) - The latest and most outstanding plays of the Vietnam National Drama Theatre are being staged locally to celebrate the theatre’s 65th anniversary.

The special plays include Kieu, an adaptation of The Tale of Kieu by one of Vietnam’s greatest poets, Nguyen Du; Hong Lau Mong (The Dream of the Red Chamber), adapted from one of China’s four great classical novels; the world masterpiece Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare and the war-themed Bao To Truong Son (Truong Son Storms), which takes the setting in the war-torn Truong Son trail.

The theatre received the coveted Labour Order, First Class on December 14.

Since its establishment in 1952,the Vietnam National Drama Theatre has released hundreds of plays, many of which won gold and silver medals in domestic and international competitions and festivals and became classical works of Vietnamese drama. They include Hon Truong Ba, Da Hang Thit (Truong Ba’s Soul in a Butcher’s Body), Lau Dai Cat (Sand Castle), Tai Bien (Accident), Ngheu So Oc Hen (The Stories of the Clam, Oyster, Snail and Mussel).

The theatre is also home to leading artists in Vietnamese drama, including The Lu, Song Kim, Truc Quynh, Tran Tien and Pham Bang.

It also hosts 25 people’s artists and nearly 60 meritorious artists, top artistic titles for living artists granted by the Government.

“The Vietnam National Drama Theatre will create plays on diverse topics, from the adaptations of the world classics to the works that touch the current issues of today’s life, like corruption, traffic safety, family issues and education to serve the local and international audience,” said Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Drama Theatre Pham Anh Tu at the awards ceremony on December 14.

The special plays will be staged at the theatre until December 22.-VNA