Thailand makes artificial rain to fight drought ASEAN

Thailand makes artificial rain to fight drought

The Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation of Thailand has started an urgent campaign to make artificial rain in the face of widespread drought in many areas although it’s now the rainy season in this country.
Thailand’s re-election no later than April 28 World

Thailand’s re-election no later than April 28

The Election Commission (EC) of Thailand said that the election re-runs should be organised no later than April 28, ensuring that they do not clash with the King’s coronation rite from May 4-6.

Thailand recommends 12 new places for tourists

The Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) has launched a new campaign called Discover Thainess which recommends 12 potential cities that tourists can not miss when they visit the country.

Thailand to develop new attractions in 12 provinces

The Thai Tourism Department has outlined a plan to develop new tourist attractions in preparation for active campaigns next year with a goal of generating a revenue of 2.2 trillion THB, up from 1.85 trillion THB projected for this year.

Thai Government to make partial payment to farmers

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) on February 25 approved an earlier request by the Government on using 712 million baht (21.9 million USD) sourced from the Central Fund to pay local farmers it owed under the rice-pledging scheme.

Thai EC frees state funds to pay rice farmers

Thailand ’s Election Commission (EC) has approved a request by the caretaker government to use 712 million THB (almost 22 million USD) from the central budget to pay farmers under the state rice-pledging programme.

Thailand busts drugs ring

Thai police have claimed a big victory in the country’s war on the drug trade after uncovering a large drug trafficking ring and seizing almost 5.3 million methamphetamine pills worth close to 30 million USD.