Slow demand means hard year for rubber

With global rubber prices continuing to fall after a rout last year, things are expected to remain very difficult for the industry, the State-owned Vietnam Rubber Group has warned.
Laos draws Vietnamese workers Society

Laos draws Vietnamese workers

More and more Vietnamese workers have been going to Laos in recent years to help on investment projects between the two countries. The figure is expected to exceed 20,000 by 2015.

Rubber industry needs to improve competitiveness

Vietnam ranked the world's third largest natural rubber producer and the fourth largest exporter following Thailand , Indonesia and Malaysia in 2013. Currently, when the rubber supply exceeds the demand, Vietnam needs to enhance the competitive edge to be able to maintain its rank in the global market, the Vietnam Business Forum Magazine (VBF) reported.

VRG begins rubber exploitation in Cambodia

In 2014, the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) will purchase an additional 11,220 hectares of rubber trees in Cambodia as it strives to gain 100,000 ha in the neighbouring country, according to VRG General Director Tran Ngoc Thuan.

Probe uncovers misuse of State funds

The Government Inspectorate on October 15 said that it had found misuse of public funds totalling 354 billion VND (16.8 million USD) in four public projects.

Vietnam restructures rubber industry

The increasing global rubber demand in recent years has encouraged Vietnam, the fifth biggest natural rubber producer in the world in 2012, to restructure the industry to increase export value and improve value chain . Report by the Vietnam Economic News.

Vietnam Rubber Group General Director Tran Ngoc Thuan said that to restructure the industry, implementing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals with small companies, associating with major brands, reducing crude production and diversifying products to improve added-value and ensure sustainable development were needed.

Rubber Group defends Laos, Cambodia ops

The Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) has affirmed that it took its responsibility for its investment in Cambodia and Laos very seriously and ensured it was used for the sustainable development of the two countries.
Lao media praises Vietnam Rubber Group Business

Lao media praises Vietnam Rubber Group

Lao media on June 3 ran articles praising the investment and support that Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) has provided Laos to help it reduce poverty and develop its socio-economy.

SEA a new market for VN’s labour agencies

Laos and Cambodia are two promising markets for Vietnamese workers as Vietnamese businesses operate many projects in the two neighbouring countries, the Vietnam Economic Times has said.