Health Ministry plans higher hospital fees

The Ministry of Health has completed a draft decree which adjusts the current hospital fees to provide better health care treatment for patients, according to Minister Nguyen Quoc Trieu.

Laos to allow expatriates to stay longer

Lao expatriates are likely to enjoy a longer stay in their home country according to a draft decree issued by the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Overseas Relations Department.

Vietnam to fine tune policies on equitisation

The Ministry of Investment and Planning (MPI) is in a hurry to draw up a decree to cover the conversion of state-owned enterprises into one-member limited liability companies to speed up the process of restructuring state-owned enterprises which is said to be “too slow”.

Fingers point after four die on building site

Three deadly accidents in a single week have left four construction workers dead and three others seriously injured at the construction site of the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower project in Hanoi, raising concerns about labour safety on the project.