Businesses urged to invest in green production

Businesses have played an important role in promoting advanced manufacturing technology in an effort to create a green and sustainable economy, the Vietnam Business Forum Magazine (VBF) reported on August 18.

Vietnam moves towards a green economy

Green economy has been a common trend in the global economic system. As a developing country, Vietnam needs to continue studying and perfecting relevant mechanisms and policies while learning lessons from the experience of other front-running countries to bridge the gap with advanced economies and move towards a green economy in the near future, the Nhan Dan (People) online newspaper reported.
Hanoi responds to World Meteorological Day Environment

Hanoi responds to World Meteorological Day

A ceremony to mark World Meteorological Day (March 23) themed “Weather and climate: engaging youth” was held in Hanoi on March 21, with calls on youngsters to cope with climate change, especially through policy-making.