Teacher translates Trinh Cong Son's songs into English

Nguyet Ca, an English teacher renowned for her Bilingual Songs for Kids project, has again enthralled the community of English students and music lovers with a new project in which she converts lyrics of songs from famed composer Trinh Cong Son into English.

“Tuoi Doi Menh Mong” (The Immense Life) is the first song within a project called “Vie-EN Trinh”, in which English teacher Nguyet Ca and translators Chung Vu and Hong Dinh convert songs from famous late composer Trinh Cong Son into English.

The song is being reimagined in an acoustic version and performed by Nguyet Ca herself. Translating Trinh Cong Son’s songs, according to the English teacher and her partners, is a meticulous task as the original lyrics are sophisticated and poetic.

Besides being the first song of the “Vie-EN Trinh” project, “Tuoi Doi Menh Mong” is also the fifth song of Nguyet Ca’s Bilingual Songs for Kids project.

She chose the song as it is one of only a few Trinh Cong Son wrote for teenagers, which makes it fit perfectly with her first project.

Bilingual Songs for Kids features four songs: “Cho con” (For you), “Canh en tuoi tho” (Swallows for Children), “Chi co mot tren doi” (Mom, You’re the only one for me), and “Trai dat nay la cua chung minh” (This is our lovely earth)./.