Tet in the eyes of foreign expats

After years living in Vietnam, many foreign expats consider the Vietnamese New Year a particularly enjoyable and memorable experience in their life.
Tet in the eyes of foreign expats ảnh 1Many foreigners find it interesting to have the opportunity to celebrate Tet in Vietnam. (Photo: VNA)

Many foreigners share the same excitement when having the opportunity to experience Vietnamese traditional Tet (New Year) festival.

After years living in Vietnam, many of them consider the country as their second home, they also celebrate the Tet as part of their life in the S-shaped land.

An American woman who loves Tet festival

Suzanne Lecht (US nationality), founder of Art Vietnam Gallery, is called a bridge connecting Vietnamese contemporary art and the world. Her life completely changed when she came to Vietnam for the first time in 1994.

Arriving in the S-shaped country, Suzanne quickly fell in love with Vietnamese culture, art and people. She quickly decided to settle down in Hanoi, where there were artists close to her, the food she loved and the beautiful scenery. During all these years, she is still active in art, connecting Vietnamese fine arts with the world.

Tet in the eyes of foreign expats ảnh 2Art Vietnam Gallery founder Suzanne Lecht loves Tet and performs many traditional rituals like a Vietnamese woman. (Photo courtesy: Suzanne Lecht)

Every year, Suzanne often goes to Thailand or returns home on Christmas and New Year's Eve to enjoy the holiday with her family. Unfortunately, that plan could not be made this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I celebrate Vietnamese New Year festival in the traditional way. I love Tet, love the way people are busy preparing for important ceremonies, love the jubilant Hanoi to welcome Spring,” said Suzanne emotionally.

“This year is indeed a memorable Tet for all of us. Many people cannot take advantage of the long Tet holiday to travel abroad like every year. However, they can still go on domestic tours, which is a good opportunity to promote domestic tourism. Through that, people will also realise that Vietnam is so beautiful, and they don't have to go far,” said Suzanne.

The warmth of love is filled with Tet atmosphere

Canadian writer Jean Turcotte has lived in Ho Chi Minh City since 2011 and has experienced many Tet holidays in Vietnam in many localities such as Can Tho, Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.

“Despite language barrier, I still feel the warm welcome of my Vietnamese friends. The warmth of love during the important Tet holiday of Vietnamese people reminds me of Christmas and New Year in my hometown,” he said.

Tet in the eyes of foreign expats ảnh 3Writer Jean Turcotte currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo courtesy: Jean Turcotte)

Due to the pandemic, he could not return to Canada to visit his family this year. However, Vietnam has become his second home, so the writer follows all social distancing measures without any difficulty.

“I feel completely secured in Vietnam. I am extremely grateful to the local authorities for putting the health of the people first,” he said, expressing his belief that the upcoming Lunar New Year will be a happy one because Vietnam has well controlled the disease.

Wearing Vietnamese Ao Dai to celebrate Tet

French journalist Vanessa M has lived in Vietnam for more than 10 years, so Tet is like Christmas, a time when family members gather together.

Tet in the eyes of foreign expats ảnh 4French journalist Vanessa M loves to wear ao dai to celebrate Tet. (Photo courtesy: Vanessa M)

“My husband is Vietnamese. During Tet, I often help my mother-in-law go to the market and cook Tet dish. The women in the house all wear ao dai, and so do my daughter and I. Children get lucky money - those are very happy and meaningful moments. I also want my children to understand more about Vietnamese traditions,” shared Vanessa.

The chilly spring weather reminds of home

Alexandra Rud is a beautiful female DJ from Ukraine. This year is Alexandra's third year celebrating Tet in Vietnam. Like many foreigners, she was unable to visit home during Christmas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many overseas shows that were scheduled were also cancelled.

Tet in the eyes of foreign expats ảnh 5Female DJ Alexandra Rud likes to celebrate Tet in Hanoi because there are many similarities with the New Year celebration in her homeland Ukraine. (Photo courtesy: Alexandra Rud)

“As a DJ, I'm usually busy performing during Tet. There are years when I celebrate Tet in Ho Chi Minh City, but personally I like the atmosphere of Tet in the North more, because it is very similar to that of my hometown,” said Alexandra Rud./.


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