Cao Phong is a charming mountainous area of Hoa Binh province. The land is famous for citrus like grapefruit or orange. However, not everybody knows about the fishes under the hydropower reservoirs.

The movement of farming fish in the hydroelectric reservoirs began about 4 years ago, with the pioneer to be Nguyen Xuan Sang.

His cage culture model is considered a highlight of the locality with 20 cages, selling more than 20 tons of fish to the market for hundreds of million VND each year.

Previously, Sang had many years of experience in lang fishing. Over time, he saw a decrease in fish-catches, while the demand for this fish on the market was very high. After a period of research, he decided to develop the model of cage culture of fish.

The cage is placed near the water flow, the fishes have to move constantly so the fish meat is very firm and has a delicious taste when compared to the natural fish.

On the other hand, the fish breed here is only of the Da River and Hoa Binh lake area which helps to make the breed stronger and improve the competitiveness. This is called semi-natural farming. 

In addition, fish are fed with agricultural products provided by the locals, creating agricultural output for people around the lake bed./.