Although caramelised pork and eggs is an everyday dish, in southern Vietnam it is one of the traditional foods during Tet (or Lunar New Year). Before serving, the dish is offered to deceased ancestors or family members on altars.

Vietnamese caramelised pork and eggs consists of pork and boiled eggs.

It requires pork that is not too fatty or too lean. After being cleansed with water, the meat is boiled in hot water but just in a flash and then sunk in cold water.

The pork meat which is cut into chunks is needed to be braised in coconut juice to make the dish taste good. This takes about half an hour before eggs are added.

The food is cooked until the coconut juice is nearly dried. At that time, it should be added to the hot water and cooked until the meat is nicely tender.

In Vietnam, rice is commonly served with the dish. From generation to generation, traditional foods along with caramelised pork and eggs have been preserved, creating a traditional cultural identity of Vietnamese Tet, especially Tet for southern people.-VNA