UNDP praises Vietnam for SDGs implementation progress

Vietnam is very well placed within Asia in terms of the general progress in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative in Vietnam Terence D. Jones has said in an interview with the Vietnam News Agency.

According to the UNDP representative, for a developing country like Vietnam, the progress it has achieved over the past time is very encouraging. Vietnam had even moved into the middle-income status before the COVID-19 impacts.

The UNDP chief in Vietnam said by 2030, Vietnam would be likely to achieve five out of 17 SDGs, including those on Poverty, Hunger, Quality Education, Climate Actions, and global partnerships.

It would be challenging for Vietnam to accelerate the realisation of the SDGs over the next ten years, also known as the Decade of Action, according to Terence D. Jones.

However, he said he believed that Vietnam would make more progresses thanks to the government’s efforts and appropriate policies.

According to the National Report 2020, which was announced on October 21, Vietnam’s ranking has been on the rise over the last five years. Last year, the country ranked 49th out of 166 countries on performance in SDG implementation, five places higher than the 2019 ranking.

Seventeen global SDGs have been nationalised into 115 Vietnam SDGs (VSDGs) in its “National Action Plan for Implementation of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” based on the country’s development context and priorities./.