Revitalising national tourism promotion to inspire more foreigners to visit Vietnam was the theme of a symposium, during which participants contributed their ideas to improve the nation’s tourism messages and the operation of tourism offices abroad.

One of the proposals at the symposium was the early launch of the tourism development support fund. Other opinions dealt with how to address existing problems such as overcharging tourists, food safety and safety for visitors.

Another symposium looked at how to improve tourists’ experience in preparing and planning Vietnam visits.

Meanwhile, increasing tourism products, improving infrastructure, ensuring safe environment, enhancing human resource quality and applying information technology were the key issues discussed at the third symposium.

According to statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the number of foreign visitors to Vietnam has been growing at two-digit rate, but the return rate was low at somewhere between 10-40 percent. International visitors’ spending in the country averaged only 900 USD, partly due to a lack of diverse products and services./.