Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection

The girls who are the pride of Vietnamese beauty have brought a message of inspiration and spread love, national pride through a photo collection between two generations.
Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection ảnh 1(Photo: Jundat)

Hanoi (VNA) - In the photo series "Vietnam Pride" No. 2, Vietnamese beauties who made a miracle in 2018 came together: H'Hen Nie - Top 5 Miss Universe 2018, Huong Giang - Miss Transgender International 2018, Phuong Khanh - Miss Earth 2018 and Hoang Thuy - The face has just been nominated for a representative of Vietnam to participate in Miss Universe 2019 and the runner-up of Little Miss and Little Mr United World 2018, Alexandra Toni Matheson, a Vietnamese-New Zealand kid.

This project also brings the message of inspiration, the continuation and spread of love, national pride through images between the two generations.

Huong Giang: A special beginner

At the international beauty arena in 2018, it can be said that Huong Giang is the lucky opening for the Vietnamese beauties. After Huong Giang became Miss International Transgender, the Vietnamese beauties seemed to be gaining momentum and most of them brought back historical titles.

Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection ảnh 2(Photo: Jundat)

Especially, Huong Giang's achievement is not only a beauty title but also a factor to promote many changes, a correct and positive view of transgender people. From the time of the coronation to the crowning, the name Huong Giang has always been "hot" with a series of projects, outstanding music products, queen status of reality television, gameshow and meaningful community activities.

Also appearing in the project "Vietnam Pride" with Huong Giang is little model Quynh Anh - one of the four Vietnamese kid model catwalking at the international stage of Shanghai International Fashion Week 2018 recently. This is also a picture showing the message for the two generations' inspiration, spreading Vietnamese love and pride.

H’hen Nie: A "different" timeless beauty

As the first ethnic minority in Vietnam to crown  Miss Universe Vietnam, H’Hen Nie stands out among the beautiful girls with tanned skin, typical short hair and beauty.

Her beauty used to provoke so much controversy after being crowned. But thanks to the unique beauty, confidence and intense desire to wear a Vietnamese representative band for Miss Universe 2018, the Ede girl proved her bravery and inspired million girls by saying: "Hen can do it, you can do it!"

Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection ảnh 3(Photo: Jundat)

As one of the first people to agree to participate in the project "Vietnam Pride," H'Hen Nie shared that she felt very proud and was willing to work with supermodel Xuan Lan to complete this meaningful project: “H'Hen felt very happy because his name was placed in the 'golden board,' just like the rewarding school student, myself after one year becoming Miss Universe Vietnam is also extremely happy to be recognized as a name that brings pride to Vietnam. And today is happier when Hen has the opportunity to stand here with the children to spread that pride, as well as to add love, pride to young people, to the next generations. ”

Accompanying H’Hen Nie in the project is the first runner-up of Little Miss and Little Mr United World 2018, Alexandra Toni Matheson. This mixed-blood Vietnamese-New Zealand girl is also an impressive face in the international arena in 2018 when she participated in the Little Miss & Little Mister United World 2018 and won three prizes: first runner up, International Model 2018 and International Talent 2018.

On many forums, the beauty of Alex is also a ‘fever’ and is expected to be a potential candidate to inherit H’Hen Nie or Phuong Khanh in the world arena.

Phuong Khanh: Unexpectedly make history

Before representing Vietnam to participate in Miss Earth, Phuong Khanh was quite tight-lipped and suddenly became one of the hottest keywords in 2018 when she first brought the Miss Earth crown to Vietnam.

With a lovely face, hot body, outstanding English ability, Phuong Khanh won a convincing victory at one of the biggest beauty contests on the planet, and helped Vietnam climb up the world’s beauty map.

Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection ảnh 4(Photo: Jundat)

After the competition, Phuong Khanh constantly appears at major events and outstanding activities. She also makes every day effort to improve herself to be more worthy of her crown.

Accompanying Phuong Khanh in this project is young model Nguyen Le Bao Uyen. Although young, Bao Uyen also has a lot of experience when she has performed at Vietnam’s Junior Fashion Week for many times and appeared in many fashion photo shoots.

The reunion of teacher and student Xuan Lan-Hoang Thuy

One of the interesting images of "Vietnam Pride" No. 2 is the reunion of teacher and model supermodel Xuan Lan and Hoang Thuy. Growing up from the Vietnam Next Top Model 2011 contest hosted by Xuan Lan, Hoang Thuy has made great strides to put her name on the list of the most prominent supermodels of the 9X generation.

From the architecture student with a skinny body and many controversies about her appearance, Hoang Thuy has constantly strived to prove her bravery and confidently makes stride on international fashion catwalks, such as London, New York, Milan Fashion Week.

Vietnamese beauty featured in ‘Vietnam Pride’ photo collection ảnh 5(Photo: Jundat)

From a model, Hoang Thuy continues to conquer the title of the runner-up of Miss Vietnam Universe and is nominated to continue H'Hen Nie to compete at the prestigious Miss Universe 2019. Despite prejudices and suspection, Hoang Thuy still moves forward and continues to explore new limits of her own.

For Xuan Lan, Hoang Thuy is still one of the students that makes her most proud of, and is the name that is expected to continue to spread the pride of Vietnam, following the pride achievements of Vietnamese beauties in international beauty contests./.


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