Two-way trade between Vietnam and Malaysia in 2013 reached about 9.1 billion USD, representing a year-on-year increase of 15.25 percent.

Of this total, Vietnam’s exports were valued at 4.98 billio n USD, while it imported 4.13 billion USD worth of goods from the country, attaining a trade surplus value of 849 million USD.

This is the second consecutive year Vietnam has enjoyed a trade surplus with the market.

Vietnam’s main exports to Malaysia in 2013 included computers, electronics and accessories, crude oil, telephones and components, rubber, rice, steel, vehicles, glass and glassware.

Preliminary statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that computers, electronics and spare parts topped the list, earning 1.18 billion USD.

Crude oil came a close second with earnings of 916.2 million USD.

Telephones and components came third with earnings of almost 654.8 million USD, followed by rubber, rice and steel with 517.9 million USD, 231.4 million USD and 198.1 million USD respectively.

Malaysia is now one of the eight largest investors in Vietnam, with a total investment of about 10.2 billion USD in 2013.-VNA