VNA contributes to revolutionary photography

Over the past 70 years, Vietnam’s photography sector has created an incredible source of images on the country’s national defence, land, and people and the national cause of industrialisation and modernisation. Photojournalists from the Vietnam News Agency also made significant contributions to the development of revolutionary photography.

“I had to move over 500 km from Hanoi to Quang Tri - once a fierce battlefield during the US war. Many areas were inaccessible and I had to cover long distances.”

Chu Chi Thanh, a former journalist with the Vietnam News Agency, recalled unforgettable memories from working trips to fierce battlefields to record the country’s fight against foreign invaders.

Many photos have been collected in the picture book “Memories of the War”, which he considers an invaluable asset.

Despite working in extremely difficult conditions, journalists from the Vietnam News Agency did their best to reflect the country’s resistance war against US imperialists.

Such achievements are not only recognition from the Party, State and people on the remarkable contributions of Vietnam News Agency reporters to the national revolutionary cause, but also demonstrates the agency’s prestige and profile in the national revolutionary press./.