A woman from a tranquil village by the Day River about 50km from Hanoi is working on an experiment – weaving fabric from “lotus silk”.  

Phung Xa is a traditional weaving village in Hanoi’s My Duc district. In the village, there is a successful woman who was engaged herself in pursuit of a unique product line. She is artisan Phan Thi Thuan, who has become well-known for weaving natural silk into unique blankets.

Phan Thi Thuan is working on an experiment – weaving fabric from “lotus silk”.

Her village has many lakes and ponds with abundant lotus flowers. Since January 2017, Thuan has tried various ways to extract the thread from lotus stems.

Unlike normal silk, which can be exposed to the sun, lotus silk is only exposed in the shade, in an airy place so it does not lose its characteristic scent and the silk cord does not dry out when weaving silk.

With lotus silk, many souvenir items and gifts for international delegations are expected to be produced. It will be a very meaningful gift as lotus is the national flower of Vietnam.-VNA