The Ministry of Science and Technology and the French space agency held a workshop in Hanoi on May 12, enabling scientists to share experience and build cooperation programmes in outer space for sustainable and long-term mutual interests.

Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung said Vietnamese scientists hope to expand partnerships with countries utilising advanced technology like France, as demonstrated by the science and technology cooperation agreement signed between the Vietnamese and French Governments in March 2007.

France also recently assisted Vietnam in building and launching the first remote sensing satellite VNREDSat-1 and fishing boats monitoring systems using satellite technology Movimar, he noted.

With the spirit of using the outer space for peaceful purposes, Vietnam considers the advancement of aerospace technology a priority in the country’s science and technology development strategy through 2020.

The Vietnamese Government and the aerospace industry have carried out over 60 strategies and research projects to serve national socio-economic development as well as defence and security.

He cited the application of small satellites, remote sensing technology and geography information system (GIS) in environmental protection, weather forecast, marine transport and aerospace biology.

The first and second telecommunications satellites Vinasat-1 and Vinasat-2 are operating effectively and VNRED Sat-1 has provided initial outcomes in studying and applying space technology.

Domestic scientists are also actively working with partners from European countries to implement the VNRED Sat-2 and the national space centre projects.

Vice Director of the Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) group Antoine Monsaingeon said Vietnam has made the right move in builing its first remote sensing satellite VNREDSat-1.

He added that France has helped Vietnam in the field for a number of years and will enhance cooperation with and support for the Southeast Asian country to master satelite technology in the future.-VNA