Calligraphy using Vietnamese letters has become more popular in Vietnam in recent years.

Calligraphy is the art of handwriting, expressing the state of mind and emotions of the writer. The craft has history in almost every country, in different forms and under various names.

In Vietnam, calligraphy is called “Thu Phap”; “Thu” means script while “Phap” means rule, in combination, the term means “the rule of writing”.

It originated from the art of Hán or Chinese handwriting during a period of domination by the northern invaders.

Only with the appearance of Vietnamese script did handwriting Latin letters in the country begin. Over the years, Vietnamese calligraphy has grown beyond its original meaning as a rule to write beautifully to become an art of making every single character beautiful.

Kieu Qu​oc Khanh is well-known in the calligrapher community for his unique ways of combining writing with drawing. For years, his calligraphy club has been a familiar destination for those passionate for the craft.

It’s not easy to use a brush to write Latin characters. However it is also this way of writing that makes Vietnamese script look more supple and full of vitality.

People pursuing the art of handwriting are of different ages. Sharing the love for the calligraphy, many of them see it as a way of relax.

With the hope to develop Vietnamese calligraphy, Kieu Quoc Khanh said he wishes the craft will make its way to more people.

Although a young form of art, thanks to its high artistic and traditional values, Vietnamese calligraphy is now on the right path of development, attracting more and more practitioners. -VNA