2017 – successful year for Vietnam’s silver screen

2017 was considered as a good year for Vietnam’s movie industry when many films found a huge box-office success.

“Em chua 18” (known in English as Jailbait) has earned a revenue of 7.5 million USD, making it the highest-grossing movie of all time in Vietnam.

Along with the rise of commercial films, “Cha cong con” (father and son) and “Co can nha nam nghe nang mua” were the most noticeable art movies in 2017. “Father and son” was introduced to many film festivals in the world.

Film director Dang Nhat Minh said that " Besides comedy, violent, action movies, “Cha cong con” (Father and Son) is a very interesting movie representing the art movie segment and I hope more supports will be provided for the country’s film industry."

Another important movie event in 2017 was the screening of “Kong –the skull island” - a Hollywood blockbuster which was mainly shot in Vietnam. The movie has helped to promote Vietnam’s beautiful image to international friends.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vuong Duy Bien shared " I think opening our door to foreign film makers will help promote the country’s image. It’s more effective than traditional ways."

With a population of more than 90 million, Vietnam has a huge potential for developing the movie industry. However, foreign enterprises now command more than 60 percent of the market which requires local film producers to make more efforts to grab the remaining pie./.