35 years after Gac Ma battle: fallen soldiers still live in generation's mind

This day exactly 35 years ago, 64 soldiers of the Vietnam People’s Navy laid down their lives defending national sovereignty in Truong Sa. Thirty-five years have elapsed, and waves could have swept away all the traces, but they have surely failed to erase in the mind of the Vietnamese people the image of the brave men whose sacrifice has erected a monument of immortality with their patriotism.

The 64 laid down their lives in the unfair battle to safeguard Gac Ma, Co Lin, and Len Dao in Vietnam’s Truong Sa.

The image of the soldiers standing imposingly to form a circle protecting the national flag on Gac Ma still lives on, reminding the younger generations to always stay resolved to defend every inch of land and sea for which ancestors shed blood to protect.

Their combatant spirit has gone down to the national history as a milestone in the mind and heart of current and future generations of the Vietnamese.

The Gac Ma battle has fully and clearly demonstrated the firmness and loyalty of revolutionary soldiers - eminent sons of the nation who were willing to sacrifice their lives and not to step back in defending the country’s seas and islands with their blood.

 The 64 put aside their dreams and devoted their youth to protecting border markers. Their blood dissolved in the sea and their bones soaked into the islands, but their names remained forever in the mind of the current and future generations.

These days, the memorial site dedicated to the Gac Ma soldiers erected in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province, is welcoming delegations from all over the country who come to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers./.