Hanoi (VNA) - The Asia-Pacific Getaway (APG) Submarine cable from Vietnam to Singapore has crashed, negatively affecting internet capacity of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and other network operators.

According to VNPT, after problems on the Asia-America Getaway (AAG) and Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe (SMW-3) submarine cables on November 7, which were eventually repaired on Saturday, the APG Submarine cable suddenly broke.

The SMW-3 replaced its power source at TUAS station in Singapore and successfully backed up the source at 3pm on December 15. All information flow from Vietnam to other countries was restored.

The re-operation of AAG and SMW-3 helps Vietnamese network operators maintain the Internet connection, especially when the APG submarine cable crashes.

To deal with the problem, VNPT prioritises Internet traffic on other submarine cables operating stably to assure connection quality for customers.

“At present, we are collaborating with international partners to find causes and make a detailed plan to address the issue,” a representative of VNPT said. - VNA