More than 400 delegates representing the health and pharmaceutical sector of China and ASEAN member countries attended the 2013 ASEAN-China Summit Forum on Traditional Medicine in Yulin city, China ’s Guangxi province on April 15.

A press release of the ASEAN Secretariat said participants agreed that with a well acceptance by people, and as an important component to the national healthcare system in China and ASEAN countries, traditional medicine is playing a more and more effective role in maintaining health of their people.

China and ASEAN members are close neighbours and share similar cultures. In the process of political, economic, and cultural communication, traditional medicines in China and ASEAN countries interact by mutual supplement and promotion.

Due to the establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the successful China-ASEAN Expo and the Business and Investment Summit, exchanges and cooperation between China-ASEAN countries have been greatly promoted in the fields of economy, trade, transportation, culture and health-VNA.