ASEAN promotes women’s empowerment in digital age

The ASEAN Leader’s Special Session on Women’s Empowerment in the Digital Age was held on June 26 in the framework of the 36th ASEAN Summit. The event was organised for the first time as an initiative of Vietnam to affirm ASEAN leaders’ commitment to promoting gender equality and enhancing the role of women in building the ASEAN Community.

This year marks 25 years the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on women was approved. In ASEAN, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is creating rapid changes that require a new approach to gender equality in the digital age.

In this context, as the Chairman of ASEAN 2020, Vietnam proposed an initiative to hold a special meeting within the framework of the 36th ASEAN Summit to enhance the rights of women.

Over the past 25 years, Vietnam has determined to realize commitments on gender equality including efforts to increase the rate of female business owners and female employees. However, a lot of works need to be done in the coming time.

Along with efforts to improve the domestic legal system on ensuring and promoting human rights in general and women in particular, Vietnam and ASEAN member nations are determined to reach a community whereby everyone will be treated equally, and rights of women will be promoted and protected./.