ASEAN, US Foreign Ministers convene on COVID-19

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh On April 23, joined the ASEAN Foreign Ministers and US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in the Special ASEAN-US Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on COVID-19.

The ASEAN and US Foreign Ministers shared their concerns about the complicated developments and rapid spread of COVID-19.

They agreed on measures to control and prevent the spread of coronavirus. They affirmed their willingness to work closely and support one another in many other regional and international issues.

The Ministers agreed to promote the sharing of information and experience, coordination of policies and improvement of capacity to respond to medical emergency.

ASEAN valued the United States’ provision of more than US$ 35.3 million in assistance to ASEAN to fight the pandemic. The ministers proposed that the US to support ASEAN’s initiatives such as setting up the COVID-19 Response Fund and a reserve of medical supplies.

On this occasion, the US announced a number of  initiatives such as the ASEAN-US Health Futures and the ASEAN - US Network of Medical Experts, among others./.