Associations strengthen Vietnam-France relations

The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE) made its debut in Paris on May 21.
The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE) made its debut in Paris on May 21.

The association aims to connect high-quality overseas Vietnamese human resources to Vietnam to help with the construction of the fatherland.

In his letter to the association, Vietnamese ambassador Le Kinh Tai spoke highly of the establishment of AVSE, saying that the association will help consolidate and develop overseas Vietnamese community, including intellectual community.

He said he believed AVSE will become a model in mobilising overseas Vietnamese’ contributions to the country’s industrilasiation and modernisation process.

Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Duc Khuong was elected the association’s President.

AVSE will assist in organising the first international geo-technology seminar in Hanoi in October.

The same day, a celebration was held in Dreux city to mark the 20th founding anniversary of the France-Vietnam Friendship and Solidarity Association (AASFV).

Dreux Mayor Gerard Hamel said the establishment of AASFV has made a positive contribution to creating relations between Dreux and Vietnam as well as between France and the Asian country.

The association has provided medicine, health equipment and teaching and learning tools for hospitals and schools in Vietnam ’s remote areas.

Ambassador Le Kinh Tai expressed thanks to the support of Dreux city to Vietnam , stressing that a joint project between the city’s hospital and Vietnam’s Post hospital is a manifestation of effective cooperation between the two sides.

Also on May 21, the France-Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV) concluded its two-day 14th Congress in Paris, determining to continue to boost friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and France .

Over the past three years, the association has boosted efforts to help the French understand more about Vietnam and strengthened the struggle for justice of the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.

The association has encouraged French enterprises to invest in Vietnam. Last year, it organised two-day seminars in Paris and Lyon to provide French entrepreneurs with information on Vietnam’s business environment and investment opportunities.

AAFV President Helene Luc said the association will continue to give priority to increasing friendship and solidarity with Vietnamese people.

The association wants to lift the relations to a partnership level as Vietmam has become an important country in Southeast Asia, she said.

Established in 1961, AAFV has acted as a bridge for Vietanm-France solidarity./.

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