Authentication system to prevent counterfeiting via QRCode hinh anh 1QRCode technology on “” is strictly managed, ensuring the security. (Photo:
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - The Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA), under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has put into operation a system of authenticating genuine goods via QRCode at, to encourage people and businesses to use solutions to develop products in e-commerce transactions.

According to Do Dinh Tan, from iDEA, the authentication system provides the ability to retrieve information about product origin for consumers when purchasing products.

This will provide consumers with enough information about the origin of products and allow businesses to clarify product information, which helps solve the problem of counterfeit goods and creates great opportunities for the application of digital technologies.

In particular, it helps create trust in users through knowing the origin of the purchased product.

"Building a software system for authenticating genuine goods on mobile devices with static QRCode and dynamic QRCode software systems contributes to ending the fear of counterfeit goods and imitation goods of businesses with the support of technology," said Tan.

"This software will fight all forms of counterfeiting, protect products comprehensively, and immediately warn businesses and customers of counterfeit goods by limiting scans of genuine stamps with clear management between factories, producers and distributors." 

In addition, through the retrieval system, businesses and consumers can easily connect with each other about warranty process information and business promotions programmes, according to Tan.

In particular, dynamic QRCode technology on the system “” is strictly managed, ensuring security with both a genuine authentication function and an anti-counterfeit function and limiting the number of times it can be accessed. 

Therefore, building a system to authenticate genuine goods through the QRCode of the Ministry of Industry and Trade helps control risks arising when tracking and verifying the origin of goods. This is not only a step for businesses to create trust for customers, but also a "wall" to protect the reputation of products and businesses.

This will also help businesses conquer the international market, which requires a very strict system of authenticating goods through QRCode of goods in both production and trade.

For State management agencies, it is also a useful tool for the management and control of the commodity market./.