Ba Vi National Park bright like the sun with wild sunflowers

The vastness of Ba Vi National Park is lit up every year from November to December by wild sunflowers, which are also a tell-tale sign that winter is upon us. With thousands of visitors coming every day, Hanoi authorities are mapping out a plan to make sunflower season a new and unique tourism product of the capital.

The sunflowers have bloomed later this year than in previous years, but their flowers are bigger and more beautiful. As visitors pass through the entrance gate and head towards the pine forest in Ba Vi National Park, they can glimpse wild sunflowers planted in bushes along the road.

The national park recently introduced a new tourism product: admiring the beauty of wild sunflowers from hot air balloons. Last weekend, some 10,000 visitors took to the skies.

Wild sunflowers have long existed in Ba Vi National Park, but only in 2014 did they become a tourism product. The park welcomes thousands of tourists every day at this time of year.

Wild sunflowers had previously only been popular in Gia Lai and Da Lat in the Central Highlands. With beautiful flowers now blooming, Ba Vi National Park is welcoming more and more visitors, especially on the weekend./.