The southern province of Bac Lieu posted a 4 percent growth in seafood export value in the first six months of this year to earn 212 million USD despite a 2 percent drop in export volume to 18,749 tonnes.

The results are attributable to local seafood processing enterprises’ efforts to improve product quality through strict control of input materials and processing.

Many enterprises have invested in upgrading machinery and technology, thus enhancing their products’ added value and subsequently selling prices.

The province has also successfully engaged processors in a production chain, facilitating the tracking of origin of products.

In addition, provincial agencies have kept local enterprises regularly updated on export markets to help them adjust production and business plans accordingly.

Bac Lieu’s success is worthy of note in the context that the country’s export of aquatic products fell in value by 16 percent to 2.97 billion USD in the first half of the year.-VNA