Bamboo straws reduce single-use plastic

Long before the "say no to plastic waste" movement took hold, Le Xuan Ha – a young man from the central province of Thanh Hoa - successfully started a business making bamboo and wooden straws.

Le Xuan Ha realized that people are opting for more environmentally-friendly materials to replace plastic products. He uses bamboo and wood as his main materials. He started with bamboo straws to replace their plastic counterparts, and then moved to other kitchen utensils such bamboo chopsticks and ladles, spoons and forks.

Keeping up with market demands, Le Xuan Ha's products are now present in all major cities across the country, and some are exported to European countries. The business has created jobs for more than 10 people, with incomes of up to 344 USD per month.

In order to improve and ensure uniform quality, Le Xuan Ha has invested machinery for each stage, especially the drying process. Ha is trying to build a market for his products and seek investors to expand production.

In the context of plastic waste that is causing environmental disasters with the name: white pollution, the production of an eco-friendly product not only contributes to and replaces a plastic item, but is also a message, calling on people to join hands and protect the environment./.