Belgian museum houses thousands of Vietnamese artifacts

A large number of artifacts from various cultures around the world, including thousands of Vietnamese objects, are currently on display at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Belgium - an enticing cultural destination in the capital city of Brussels.

Visiting the Southeast Asia area of the museum, visitors will have a chance to explore through the cultures of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Indonesia.

Nearly 3,000 artifacts dating back to before the 15th century are showcased, constituting the largest collection of Vietnamese antiquities abroad, which were acquired by the museum from collector Clément Huet in 1952.

The highlight of the exhibition room is a Dong Son bronze drum, a unique cultural symbol of Vietnam. Additionally, visitors can admire masterpieces of ceramics from Ly and Tran dynasties.

The Vietnamese antiquities collection at the Belgian museum is a testament to the rich cultural and artistic development of Vietnam through various dynasties. The museum serves as an ideal destination for visitors to explore and learn about Vietnam and its people./.