The Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission will focus on researching institutions and polices for the development of all types of businesses in 2015, said commission head Vuong Dinh Hue.

As 2015 is considered a business year, the commission plans to conduct in-depth studies on the organisation model of management agencies representing the State ownership of enterprises as well as institutions and policies supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises, he said in an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency on the threshold of the New Year 2015.

It will also focus on building policies for social businesses, mechanisms for the operation of non-productive public units, as well as policies to develop and improve the efficiency of the collective and cooperative economic sectors, especially in the field of agriculture.

Orientations and policies for the attraction, management and use of official development assistance (ODA) in the time ahead will be scrutinised along with those on developing industry and industrial trademark, he said.

In addition, the agency will research economic development strategies and border trade policies as well as those to develop tourism as a key economic sector, he added.

The Party official emphasized the importance of 2015 as the last year in the Party’s five-year tenure with the entire political system striving to fulfil the set targets.

He noted that the year is expected to see the signing of several free trade agreements, creating an important momentum for the country’s trade and investment growth.

At the same time, the enforcement of many laws related to the business and investment environment and the market economy institution, including the revised Enterprise Law, the revised Investment Law, the Real Estate Business Law and the Housing Law, is expected to bring new vitality to the economy.

Looking back at the country’s 2014 socio-economic situation, the commission head highlighted the more stable macro economy, lower-than-target inflation rate, better-than-expected GDP growth rate, more stable monetary and financial market, and remarkable progress in economic restructuring as the bright spots in the national economic picture.

However, he noted that the economy will still face a lot of difficulties next year as its growth rate is yet to match potential, business and production activities still meet obstacles, and public and bad debts remain high.-VNA