Cafés recovering post-COVID-19

Vietnam has so far controlled its second wave of COVID-19 quite well, helping social activities return to something approaching normal. Cafés and other venues selling beverages like coffee and soft drinks have been reopened and are as vibrant as they were prior to the pandemic.

At a coffee shop during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a common sight around the country.

Here are photos of outlets along Trung Kinh and Trung Hoa streets in recent days, with COVID-19 having been brought under control and no cases of community transmission found for nearly a month.

In some parts of Hanoi, the number of customers at restaurants, shops, and especially coffee shops has risen significantly. Many people say they feel quite safe and have no concerns about the pandemic. They also feel a need to go out and meet friends after a long period of social distancing.

Some businesses have continued to impose a minimum distance between tables and chairs and at the same time maintained prevention measures.

 Some people are still concerned about gathering in public places, but most believe that measures to cope with the pandemic are sufficient./.