Cambodia has set up its own National Anti-Corruption Council as part of government effort’s to fight dishonesty.

Top Sam, who is a member of the National Assembly was elected as the Council’s President and Prak Sok who is in the Senate was elected as its Vice-President.

Speaking to a press conference in Phnom Penh , Top Sam said that the creation of the council was a historic event for the country, and he pledged to use Cambodia ’s anti-corruption laws to their full extent to fight bribery and fraud.

Ek Tha, a spokesman for the Office of the Council of Ministers said that the new Council shows the government is totally committed to fighting corruption.

The National Anti-Corruption Council has 60 staff, including 11 key positions. A further 60 people will also be hired at a later date.

The Council will first focus on the illegal exploitation of timber.

Cambodia ’s National Assembly approved the anti- corruption law in March this year, which paved the way for the country to set up the National Anti-Corruption Council./.