Cambodia's National Assembly on November 12 passed a budget of about 3.4 billion USD in government spending for 2014, up 13.1 percent compared with the 2013 figure of three billion USD.

Accordingly, the Cambodian lawmakers, all from the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, decided that the budget will be spent on socio-economic development, administrative field, and national security and defence.

Spending for education is to rise 19.9 percent, while expenditure for the economic sector, defence and security will increase by 8.4 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

Chairman of the Cambodian NA’s Committee for Finance-Economy Cheam Yeap told the press after the approval that the government will prioritise education, health, agriculture, industry, security and defence, while administrative spending will be reduced.

The same day, the Cambodian NA also approved a law to establish three new ministries, namely the Ministries of Public Servants, Industry and Handicraft, and Mining and Energy, increasing the number of ministries of the new government to 30.-VNA