CEO livestream - Marketing trend to leverage products

Livestream has become an essential tool in product marketing activities over recent years. Many companies previously cooperated with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to spread messages and images and attract community interest, but nowadays Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) - charged with running the business - are the main actors leveraging their products and services vie this marketing model.

It’s a livestream with the presence of the CEO of the The gioi di dong Joint Stock Company introducing new products. Following the livestream, sales revenue rose five-fold compared to normal, revealing the attractiveness of using the CEO in this online business model.

Livestream has become a leading marketing trend in terms of effectiveness, especially CEO livestreams.

When thinking about livestreams, many people may think of small retailers selling products such as clothes, cosmetics, or home appliances. The presence of CEOs, however, has helped consumers make new judgments about the effectiveness brought by this marketing model./.