Children explore global cultural heritage at museum

A recent programme at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi featured engaging activities for children, promoting cultural exchange and learning about the heritage and cultures of Vietnam and other countries.

The programme, titled "Fun Discovery of Cultural Heritage," allowed visitors and children to explore heritage through technology and STEM activities. It integrated science activities to foster creative thinking and included games from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

H'Mong ethnic children from Yen Bai province participated this year, sharing stories about their daily lives and school activities. This not only educated children in Hanoi about H'Mong culture but also promoted mutual understanding among the participants.

The programme is expected to provide all children with a fun and educational festival, offering meaningful cultural experiences after a year of hard study.

Through the programme, children are encouraged to develop a love and interest in cultural heritage, thereby enhancing the spirit of preserving, protecting, and promoting traditional cultural values in an open and integrative environment./.