Communist Party of Vietnam turns 93 years old

As people around Vietnam joyfully welcome a new spring, they also remember one particular spring 93 years ago, when the Communist Party of Vietnam was founded. Since that spring of 1930, the Party has led the people to a host of achievements, bringing the country many springs full of happiness and aspirations ever since.

Since its founding in 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam has taken a path to national independence and freedom and development.

The Party’s “Doi Moi” policy opened up an important era in socialism building in Vietnam, helping it escape economic crisis and become a developing country, with orientations towards industrialization and modernization.

The national unity bloc has been consolidated over the past 93 years, while the building of a rule-of-law socialist State has been intensified. Furthermore, Party building and rectification work has gained considerable achievements.

Vietnam is now strongly integrating into the region and the world. It has set up trade partnerships with more than 200 countries and territories and signed bilateral trade deals with more than 100 countries.

The country’s economic scale was 409 billion USD in 2022, with GDP per capita of more than 4,000 USD.

Such achievements provide impetus for the country’s further growth in the future, while serving as vivid illustration of the Party’s precise and clear-sighted leadership./.