The torture and brutal exploitation of the imperialists. The tools were once used in oppressing staunch Communists.

Thousands of identity cards attached to the remains of patriot martyrs were found under the thin sand.

Those are the images that make tourists cry every time they have the opportunity to visit the Con Dao museum.

Con Dao museum officially came into operation in 2013, with an exhibition space of 1,700m2. The museum is located in the central area of Con Son island in the Con Dao archipelago.

Nearly 2,000 artifacts and documents at the museum provide an emotional picture of the 113-year history of Con Dao with sharp contrast. One side is the crimes of the imperialist colonial regime and the other side is the unyielding and indomitable fighting spirit of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers and patriots.

Con Dao museum is a "red" address associated with preserving, embellishing, and promoting the value of the country's special revolutionary relic. This is also an indispensable place in each travel tour to Con Dao./.