Concert inspires love for classical music among youngsters

A concert entitled “Classical Wonderland” was recently held at the Hanoi Opera House by the Vietnam Youth Music Institute (VYMI) to evoke a love of classical music among the community, especially young people.

The audience at the concert was immersed in classic works such as Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saëns, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg, and Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms, among others.

The concert was the result of a learning journey on classical music with guidance from pianist and music educator Trang Trinh.

The institute spent 2 months seeking young pianists. This was an opportunity for all young pianists around the country, professional or amateur, to learn more and perform classical music in a professional setting.

In addition to providing a quality arts program, “Classical Wonderland” was created with music education in the community as the focus.

Auditions for the concert were held for people of all nationalities under the age of 26 and residing in Vietnam, be they amateur or professional.

Developed by music educator and pianist Trang Trinh, the concert is free of charge, to bring classical music to more music lovers./.