Da Nang Asian Film Festival leaves lasting impression

The 2nd Da Nang Asian Film Festival has concluded, leaving a lasting impression as a remarkable cultural event. As Vietnam's inaugural annual film event, the festival has established itself as a vibrant platform dedicated to regional cinema.

The festival showcased 63 films and hosted four international seminars and discussions, attracting hundreds of guests, delegates, filmmakers, and artists.

The event celebrated outstanding works and artists, with "Mai" winning the Best Film award in the Vietnamese competition category, which set a box office record.

In the Asian competition category, "Cu Li Never Cries" was awarded Best Film, adding to its list of accolades from several prestigious film festivals.

This year's film festival drew distinguished experts and guests from Vietnam and abroad, engaging in specialized seminars and discussions.

These activities aimed to stimulate creativity among filmmakers and assist policymakers in developing strategies to attract film projects that promote local economic and tourism growth.

The Da Nang Asian Film Festival has made a notable impact, not just on Asian filmmakers and movie enthusiasts, but also in boosting Vietnam and Da Nang's reputation as a hub for events and festivals in Asia./.