Daffodil dazzles Hanoians in Tet holiday

Flower arrangement has long been popular among Vietnamese people on the occasion of Lunar New Year (or Tet) holiday.

Besides the renowned peach blossoms, daffodils are also popular among Hanoians for home decoration during Tet holiday.

Not as radiant as other flowers, daffodils, have an elegant look with a lovely scent.

It is widely believed that if they bloom during New Year’s Eve, daffodils will bring owners good luck. Some people spends hours enjoying the flowers on the last night of the year.

Enjoying daffodils has been Hanoians' custom for a long time. For many living in the capital, daffodil pruning is like a ticket to the past, letting them enjoy the atmosphere of Tet holiday from years ago.

For ancient Hanoians, daffodil symbolises luck and longevity. On Tet holiday, the flower’s flavour mingled with the scent of aloes wood incenses creates a cozy atmosphere.

Daffodils’ swaths of yellow, white and orange trumpets brighten every corner of flower markets and dazzle both shop keepers and customers./.