Dong Tam case: Appeal court upholds sentences for anti-state propagandists hinh anh 1Defendant Trinh Ba Phuong at the court (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The High-level People's Court in Hanoi upheld sentences handed down at a first instance trial to two defendants for “making, storing, or circulating information and documents with content against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” during an appeal trial on August 17.

At the first-instance trial held in December last year by the Hanoi People’s Court, Trinh Ba Phuong, 37, and Nguyen Thi Tam, 50, were jailed for 10 and six years, respectively, for their offences.

According to the indictment, in January 2020, military units and local authorities built a wall to protect Mieu Mon military airport in Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi.
Police officers were stationed at the site to ensure order and security in the commune, but were later attacked by an armed group of local residents who opposed the construction of the wall around the military airfield.

The clash resulted in the death of three policemen, while officers also shot a man holding a grenade. The man later died.

Throughout the conflict, Phuong and Tam live-streamed and posted videos, articles, and statuses on Facebook accounts "Trinh Ba Phuong," "Nguyen Thi Tam" and "Tam Duong Noi" that the court found to have distorted the situation in Dong Tam.

The posts distorted the situation in Dong Tam; defamed the people's government; incited people to oppose the State; and slandered and discredited authorised agencies and forces causing confusion among the people with the aim to oppose the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In addition, police found that Phuong was in possession of a 278-page book that contained fabricated information aimed at defaming the people's administration; distorting, slandering and offending the reputation of organisations, and the honour and dignity of individuals.

At the appeal trial, in addition to the prison sentence, Phuong and Tam were also  given probation for five years and three years, respectively, from the date of completing their sentences./.