The draft Capital Law, which is attracting special interest from Hanoians, is expected to be passed at the ongoing 9 th session of the 12 th National Assembly.

The draft law defines the location and the role of the capital city, as well as the tasks to build, develop and protect the city.

A number of goals and special policies for construction and development of the capital city in the areas of socio-economic development, education and training, science and technology, infrastructure planning and management of space and architecture are also included in the draft law.

The draft law stipulates that the National Assembly has opinions on the capital’s overall planning and decides the location for the national political and administrative centre. This new stipulation represents the capital city’s specific characteristics in comparison with other key cities.

Beside priorities in social housing development, investment in preserving and protecting cultural projects and technical infrastructure of large scale and importance in the city, the draft law also mentions mechanisms and policies in finance and land for the capital. It says the Government gives priority in allocating ODA capital to technical infrastructure projects approved by authorised agencies. The municipal People’s Committee, within its rights and tasks, is allowed to use its land resources to raise fund for the building of infrastructure or to borrow capital from the State, organisations and individuals in special cases.

At the debate session on Mar. 22, a majority of NA deputies affirmed that the promulgation of the law was necessary. They agreed on the stipulations of specific mechanisms and policies to create legal foundations for Hanoi to have appropriate conditions to deservedly become a special urban city and national political and administrative centre.

However, the deputies asked for the release of detailed stipulations on specific factors for Hanoi, which are not contrary to the law and respects fundamental principles of the current law.

The draft Capital Law is expected to be passed by voting on Mar. 29, the last working day of the 9 th session of the 12 th National Assembly./.