Economic diplomacy boosts Vietnam - EU ties

Enhancing economic diplomacy in Belgium in particular and the EU as a whole has been a focus of the Vietnamese Embassy and trade office in the country as it helps bolster cooperation between the two sides in various sectors.

The EU, a large market with a population of more than 450 million people and an annual GDP of more than 16 trillion USD, is an important partner of Vietnam. 

As a signatory to a free trade deal with the EU, Vietnam has enjoyed tax preferences when exporting its agro-forestry-fisheries products to the market, but that advantage is not at all “eternal”.

In Belgium, the Vietnamese trade office has adopted a key promotional strategy. Besides trade and investment sectors, cultural and tourism activities have also been integrated into trade promotion programmes.

Amid a complex global situation, economic diplomacy has an important role to play in ensuring Vietnam’s stable development in the new era of economic integration./.