The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) organised a conference on the development of Vietnam’s environment industry on October 18 in Hanoi, attracting the participation of experts, scientists and representatives from many enterprises.

Addressing the event, Deputy Minister Le Duong Quang underscored the important role the environment sector plays in the development of the country’s industry in the current period.

He said the conference is a good chance for all parties to foster their connectivity with a common target of protecting the environment and boosting the country’s economy.

According to the Research Institute for Industrial Strategies and Policies under the MoIT, Vietnam now has 238 industrial parks with 105 out of the 152 factories installing their waste water treatment systems.

Six out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide have their own waste water treatment plants, while 12 out of the 20 water processing projects have become operational with a total capacity of treating 415,000 cubic metres per day, the institute said.

Currently, 16 plants nationwide can process 3,000-4,000 tonnes of waste water every day, meeting about 15 percent of the total need.

The institute also proposed a number of measures to develop the environment industry, including the boosting of the service sector, associating treatment and recycling, developing equipment to serve the waste treatment sector, and improving the efficiency of the recycling work.

Participants also gave their opinions to the legal mechanisms to develop the environment industry.-VNA